Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hello winter

Bloody cold innit? Here are my [probably contradictory] must have items for the cold snap we call "winter".

Unfortunately I can't find a photo of anyone under 50 modelling this stylin' beast. Barbour is well in. Mirren Prefers the Beaufort (below) but I've seen the lead singer of the Metros in a Liddesdale so that's that.

I thought it pretty unlikely that I'd ever cite anything with Mike Myers in as a style reference, but my ironic metal thing led me to ripped stonewashed jeans.

Holes in the knees are obligatory. You know from all the powerslides you've done. And anyway, we all know Garth was the inspiration behind Dev Hynes' oft imitated look...

Sorta...Black Chuck Taylors' are of course oblig. Although not brand new ones, you douche.

On the female front, dresses are on the way out (for now) and separates are in. I suggest you all run out and get yourself a black pencil skirt and rock the Alice Glass look...

Works for me. In more ways than one.

Holla back anyway, I feel like you're not appreeshing my work! Also I should mention that wearing lots of necklaces is cool, especially with an open shirt (men) or one of those vest dresses (girls, obv)

Peace out.

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Les9000 said...

barbour = fresh.