Saturday, 30 August 2008

On denim. On denim.

Well, it's official, I may just eat my hat (beret, natch). Not only is stonewashed denim in, but the cardinal sin DENIM ON DENIM was also strangely de rigeur for the summer festivals.

Obviously no-one is saying that ressing like Jeremy Clarkson will get you fashion kudos. Nuh. As much as it pains me to say it you've got to be a hideously skinny scene kid to pull this one off. Why do I bother indeed.

Anyway wear with that "Cocaine" t-shirt I kepe saying everywhere, or any vaguely ironic metal band shirt (remember they have to be in white, gosh). Brown shoes (or battered CT's) brown bag, matted hair, headband, gold jewellery... you see where I'm going with this guys, since I can't be bothered raiding VICE for photos.

Everything should be tight fitting of course. Or else you really will look like a Top Gear presenter. Yuck.

Also in, pastel shades, and lots of, thank Vampire Weekend for all this. Also doc martens are back, so fucking back you don't even know.

And finally, my animal jumpers thing is totally catching on, I saw none other than Alice Glass wearing one backstage for Digitalism at Leeds. Believe.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Nuts. Of the ginger variety. They are so flippin. hot right now I can't even begin to tell you.
Orange hair is the new thing. (Remember, it's not ironic, you're totally serious about this). Here are a few reasons why:

Andrew Lawrence: SO would. Best "up-and-coming" comedian around at the moment (Fuck off Tim Minchin.)

The Scottish, and Belle and Sebastian's t-shirt shop.

Do I have to explain?

So basically you should all be dying your hair orange. Or ginger, whatever. Extra points for using the term "ranga" to describe your newly gingified self (Summer Heights High was the hit of the summer).

Just remember kids: We're trying to look cool here, not like that lesbian from buffy. Think about it.

PS- I hope you will enjoy the new layout.