Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Never Mind.

Post Modernism is eventually going to die. Once we've recycled everything and nothing is at all distinguishable, we'll have to think of our own ideas again.

I reckon we've got at least 20 years, so for now let's carry on recycling the 80's and 90's.

This week, I am suggesting you dress like a member of a shoegaze band or a member of Sonic Youth, circa the early 90's. Or Kurt Cobain.

Yes, that is the Salvador Dali of UK Hip-Hop, Akira the Don. And yes he is donning (har har) a breton in some sort of attempt to look like Kurt reincarnate.

Breton shirts are so hot right now. I'm not even lying this time because I saw it in the Guardian. Get one.

Next time: Why we must start dressing like female MCs in 1988 and the second rise of the Casual scene. I am so post modern.

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Anonymous said...

dont diss the don man