Monday, 12 January 2009


Hello. Happy new year and all that, I'm back with more terrible puns and questionable fashion advice. Today, men, I shall impart my wisdom on facial fashions.

It's been a long time coming but I think the humble moustache is finally making a comeback. I did mention this last year. Partially, methinks thanks to this fellow:

He's possibly the least (or most) creditable person ever (former boyfriend of Peaches? eeeugh), but something about his glorious 'tasch makes me like him. Probably because he hangs out with Dev Hynes. He graced the cover of this new men's magazine that I quite like because there are not tits.

Anyway I had a whole list of cool people with moustaches for you but I seem to have forgotten them all in some sort of innebriated state. So you best all appreesh this and I'll be back with some clothes soon.

Nick Cave was one. But that's so obvious I may as well give up. Oh and that guy I posted in the last one.

I finally bought myself a Metal t-shirt, by the way. Thrash Metal no less. Respect my eBay.

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Garreth said...

That particular mens magazine will v. prb not last as it has no usp. nuttin to diff. itself from the herd except that it is full of people who make me want to cut my own face off. It's sort of like "arena junior" except that the writers (such as they are) are not as talented. imho. xx