Saturday, 14 June 2008

Trail blazing

Its been a month. And what a month. Jesus. A whole month of daytime TV and gaining weight, but enough about me, back to the fashion then.

I've known since, like, forever that blazers are cool. When they introduced them for school uniform I knew I wanted one. Maybe it was the Jarvis Cocker effect. This season, and next probably, they're looking to be as big as the Libertines made military jackets.

Mmm, look at those, they set my pulse rate racing! This fitted style is going to be the more acceptable style of blazer, probably already all over the hight street. Stripy is probably the best choice. Bonus cool points for a yellow and navy combo (SO on trend you might implode)

For ultimate cool points though, the massinsh blazer...

Or the full blown "I'm from the 80's and I own a speedboat" look.

Wasn't at all sure about 21, but this video totally convinced me. I am not shallow, at all!