Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Animal Crackers!

This has to be a trend, if it's not, I'm inventing it...

Animal Jumpers- as modelled here by the lovely Hamilton of British Sea Power- are surely the latest piece of naffery to become suddenly hip.

Let's think about it. Last year we had slogan t-shirts. And legwarmers. Both hideous and unwearable outside and 80's fancy-dress, before nu-rave kicked in (more on that at a later date) And would any of you topshop kids be seen dead in a pair of these in 2006?

No, unless you live somewhere in the depths of East London that is. 80's retro is a massive thing at the moment, just check out Pop Boutique, endlessly flogging someone's grandma's terrible dresses (Or even better, Manchester kids, check out Ryan Vintage's £3 store. Shell suits all over!) So I'm thinking, take a leaf out of Hamilton's book and take the trend for naff fashion one step further with a jumper with a noble beast on it and you the coolest kid in the schoolyard.* Am I right kids?

Post Script 1: The jumpers are cooler if they have "realistic" animals on them, or are knitted in lurid colours. Also, wear with skinny jeans or leggings, or my current fashionista wet dream (more of a pipe dream at the moment), skinny chinos (those fashionable jodhpurs may also apply here). As for shoes, the aforementioned plimsoles would look good, or maybe a pair of brogues. Just make sure you wear some killer socks please.

If it looks good, tell all your mates I told you first. If it looks terrible, please don't search out my facebook and abuse me, it's just opinions man!

Post Script 2: *Sorry for the BSP puns (leaf! noble!) but they really were amazing.


Loos like viceland's D+D's had the same idea (this was a DO)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Geek with a capital "G"

Boys take note, I have some mega important news for ya'll. Geeks are back, and there ain't no stopping these gangstas, they got it goin' on ol' skool.

Street speak aside, the geek looks been going around for ever, coming in an out of fashion. Even yours truly is an on-off follower of said trend. But today I'm talking about boys. As promised. I'll even throw in a bit about a band just to make it more manly.

The Christophers are living proof that playing Oldham on a Saturday night doesn't necessarily mean stonewashed 501s and a HH jacket. This is the kind of Saturday night entertainment that makes girls clap and cheer their purple nail varnish off. Okay, so one of hem looks like Harry Hill, but who doesn't love him -He dressed up as Morrissey for god's sake! Did I mention they sounds damn good as well? Well that's not part of the fashion deal, alls I'm sayin is that the geeks are back on the street, and there ain't a thing you and your crew can do about it. Yo?

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Kate Nash, no no no.

Once someone told me I look like the girl from the video to Caroline is a Victim by Kate Nash. At the time, I thought this made me cool and slightly ironic. Not any more. There is nothing good about this woman...girl, she personifies everything indie girls shouldn't be (speaking of course as someone who personifies everything an indie girl should be)... As you can see she does my head in. Let's have a look at one of her videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH2yvdGM7YA
Wasn't that lovely? Personally I couldn't sit through it. Apart from the fact that I hate her voice and her silly songs, and since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, let's talk about her fashion directions, eh?

She's obviously a massive influence on current teen fashion, with topshop slavishly copying all her "twee little girl" outfits. And that's what annoying. Looking at that video, and the video to Foundations and Caroline... they all have the same "oh, aren't I streetwise and cool, but also at the same tooth-achingly sugarplum twee" attitude, which rather grates after a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of twee, but something tells me that Nash's 80's frocks are worn without a trace of irony, and everyone knows that 80' frocks without dark blusher stripes and a bubble perm are unacceptable.

So in conclusion, ladies (I promise I'll write about men's clothes more soon), next time you walk into topshop, step away from that multi-coloured party dress. In fact go for the black, yeah that one. And whatever you do don't get a blunt fringe.

perhaps I'm just a bit pissed cos I just found out my beloved Black Kids are supporting her in March, which means they'll be massive by May. Shit.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Yes I Like Rock Music

Deviating from the fashion agian, but British Sea Power's new LP is amazing. It contains all my favourite bits from the Decline of... and Open Season, only massively better.
It looks like the album of the year hhas already been found, I can't see who could top this, for my money, not even Black Kids
Maybe I'll do a proper review when I get home. I dunno.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

I have no idea about this fashion thing.

I'm not a very good fashion blogger, already I have caused a minor crisis for someone who thinks I bin dissin them old skool, and have deviated from my mission staement to create an ongoing fashion bible of what I think is "in" this week by so far dissing Greater Manchester's fashion sense. And it's only the 12th.

So much for New Year's Resolutions, I've spent most of this week in t-shirts and jeans. And the aforementioned "Bette Lynch" getup, but it has now been decided that she is this blog's fashion icon. All hail.

Call me egotistical for posting myself in my own fashion blog, but this is my current hot look- unbuttoned shirt, cheppy gold and granddad cardigan. I'm telling you it's a winner. Best worn with high-waisted blue slim leg jeans and pointed white shoes, but who am I to dictate your wadrobe?

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Word's getting round

About this blog, apparently...Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Nice.

Anyway, onto more fashion disasters. Without offending anyone this time. Actually I have some praise to award today, so read on, dear reader.

Last night was spent in various locations around Manchester, in particular a certain well known northern quarter bar, once frequented by members of a certain Manchester electronic outfit (CAN I BE MORE OBVIOUS?). Obviously, this was a Wednesday night, so there was not much going down, but I expected a little more sartorialism from my fellow mancs. No, there were two guys in beige t-shirts and jeans. Great, once again I feel incredibly overdressed, and apparently look like Bette Lynch. (Get your Corrie skillz on!)Common wasn't much better either, although I was probably expecting too much from a bar with student art on the walls...
Onto my "most fashionable couple of the night award", which goes hands down to the DJs in Dry Bar (there, I said it!) who both looked far too young to be in thre, but I'm only just legal so let's move on. Y'all know I love Devo so these guys get brownie points anyway, but they both totally rocked the whole "Topman mannequin" look. Here's to decent DJ's. Mine's a rum and coke.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

NYE is a fashion Distaster

What do people think, they can wear whatever they like because they'll be sloshed all evening? NO NO NO. Wear something lovely, eh? Come on, it's the middle of the sales, you could find something decent to wear. THIS DOES NOT MEAN JEANS LADIES. Maybe I go to the wrong bars.
Another thing, do not do the whole fancy dress thing, unless you are going to a FANCY DRESS PARTY, and/or look like these two cool bastards:

This means no playboy bunnies. Don't think I didn't see you, don't think you don't disgust me because you do. That look is years old. You could have got something more fashionable in TJ Hughes, and that's saying something. Anyway, back to that pic. for my money, Jo and Dom got everything right in the fancy dress department; Her dress isn't just an excuse to get her legs/tits out and her make-up is beautifully done. The best part is that Dom actually dressed up, unlike most men I have seen at fancy dress parties. MEN! Honestly! Learn to dress up. You can't see it in this picture but he is wearing spats. Says it all.