Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Animal Crackers!

This has to be a trend, if it's not, I'm inventing it...

Animal Jumpers- as modelled here by the lovely Hamilton of British Sea Power- are surely the latest piece of naffery to become suddenly hip.

Let's think about it. Last year we had slogan t-shirts. And legwarmers. Both hideous and unwearable outside and 80's fancy-dress, before nu-rave kicked in (more on that at a later date) And would any of you topshop kids be seen dead in a pair of these in 2006?

No, unless you live somewhere in the depths of East London that is. 80's retro is a massive thing at the moment, just check out Pop Boutique, endlessly flogging someone's grandma's terrible dresses (Or even better, Manchester kids, check out Ryan Vintage's £3 store. Shell suits all over!) So I'm thinking, take a leaf out of Hamilton's book and take the trend for naff fashion one step further with a jumper with a noble beast on it and you the coolest kid in the schoolyard.* Am I right kids?

Post Script 1: The jumpers are cooler if they have "realistic" animals on them, or are knitted in lurid colours. Also, wear with skinny jeans or leggings, or my current fashionista wet dream (more of a pipe dream at the moment), skinny chinos (those fashionable jodhpurs may also apply here). As for shoes, the aforementioned plimsoles would look good, or maybe a pair of brogues. Just make sure you wear some killer socks please.

If it looks good, tell all your mates I told you first. If it looks terrible, please don't search out my facebook and abuse me, it's just opinions man!

Post Script 2: *Sorry for the BSP puns (leaf! noble!) but they really were amazing.


Loos like viceland's D+D's had the same idea (this was a DO)


Gaby said...

WHERE can I get one??? Online?

loissey said...

God I wish I knew, rest assured when I find one I'll let ya'll know.