Saturday, 12 January 2008

I have no idea about this fashion thing.

I'm not a very good fashion blogger, already I have caused a minor crisis for someone who thinks I bin dissin them old skool, and have deviated from my mission staement to create an ongoing fashion bible of what I think is "in" this week by so far dissing Greater Manchester's fashion sense. And it's only the 12th.

So much for New Year's Resolutions, I've spent most of this week in t-shirts and jeans. And the aforementioned "Bette Lynch" getup, but it has now been decided that she is this blog's fashion icon. All hail.

Call me egotistical for posting myself in my own fashion blog, but this is my current hot look- unbuttoned shirt, cheppy gold and granddad cardigan. I'm telling you it's a winner. Best worn with high-waisted blue slim leg jeans and pointed white shoes, but who am I to dictate your wadrobe?

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