Monday, 21 January 2008

Geek with a capital "G"

Boys take note, I have some mega important news for ya'll. Geeks are back, and there ain't no stopping these gangstas, they got it goin' on ol' skool.

Street speak aside, the geek looks been going around for ever, coming in an out of fashion. Even yours truly is an on-off follower of said trend. But today I'm talking about boys. As promised. I'll even throw in a bit about a band just to make it more manly.

The Christophers are living proof that playing Oldham on a Saturday night doesn't necessarily mean stonewashed 501s and a HH jacket. This is the kind of Saturday night entertainment that makes girls clap and cheer their purple nail varnish off. Okay, so one of hem looks like Harry Hill, but who doesn't love him -He dressed up as Morrissey for god's sake! Did I mention they sounds damn good as well? Well that's not part of the fashion deal, alls I'm sayin is that the geeks are back on the street, and there ain't a thing you and your crew can do about it. Yo?

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