Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Oxfam Glamour

Everyone knows that all the cool people get their clothes from charity shops, but who do you know that actually does? Aside from a few things, I have never found anything worth buying in a Charity Shops.

Once someone asked me if I liked the "vintage" stuff in Topshop. Me, not knowing them very well just mumbeld something or other whilst silently concealing my rage. And there's your problem- trendy kids do not want to wear something that used to belong to someone's grandmother, so instead they buy a nearly identical item from Topshop for four times the price.

Even I am not immune to this, I have two very similar "tea dresses" (very in this season), one being from H&M and the other from a local Oxfam. You all know which one I will be wearing to see the Futureheads on Friday. I'm afraid that unless you find something really cool, charity shop chic just doesn't work. Thank God I have a mother who keeps things for years and passes items she deems no longer cool onto me (by this time they have become kind of ironic cool)

Sorry for the lack of pictures this issue, kids. We can only hope that next weeks will be less of a disorganised rant...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Sugar Coated

Everyone is telling me that trench coats are a must this season, and a must in any woman's wardrobe. Lucky for me, my old trench coat appeared the other day on a clearing out spree. I tried it on, and hey, it doesn't look that bad- save for the colour, a sort of disgusting mossy camouflage green- but something's not right.

I dunno what it is about trench caots, in theory, they should look kinda sexy and cool, like some film noir-ish detective. But they just don't. Google trench coat and this comes up:

Apart from the terrible colour of most trench coats, and the association with a variety of paedophilles, this is the very worst thing about trench coats, and should put everyone off buying one.

But I've got a feeling that I'll be wearing mine a lot this year, in fact I'm already planning outfits around it. Sun dress, cardigan, black wool tights, black plimsoles. I'm feeling really springlike already, from today I'm ditching the black dress coat in favour of a smart trench. Lovely.

Monday, 4 February 2008

White Trash!

Another week, another vaguely ironic new look, ho-hum. This week I'm all about a sort of trashy 80's Maddona Punk thing, as worn by my favourite androgynous model Laura Hollins (AKA Agyness Deyn- I know her real name ‘cos we're from the same town, holla!)

She looks a bit of a mess here, but let me break this look down for you.
1) Long t-shirt or jumper. The best kinds are the ones that are massive and really out of fashion, as opposed to ones you'd find in New Look, try TJ Hughes or something….Band t-shirts are defiantly acceptable here, but none of your skinny ass girl fit Paramore t-shirts, I wanna see someone rocking a massive hair metal t-shirt in a completely ironic way. Believe.

2) Leggings, or at a push thick wool tights, preferably in a light colour. Fat thighs all round, woo-hoo!

3) Doc Martens, old-skool walking boots or, if you're boring, black chucks (I have a niggling feeling that black chucks are on their way back in- you heard it here first!) Possibly also wear knee length walking style socks, British Sea Power style, but I'm not sure on this one yet, keep your eyes on it though.

4) A Biker-ish Jacket is probably the most important part of this look. Agyness wears a leather one with a sheepskin collar, but there’s a load of cheap fake leather jackets hanging around at the moment so all you animal loves are safe.

Ok, so you have the look down. I'd say wear it with your hair curly, or crimped (are the Mighty Boosh to blame for this years "hot hair look"??) and tied back with a scrap of fabric or a fat ribbon. Accessorise with a long chain, one of those gold hearts would be fine, try some silly 80's bracelets and chunky hoops earrings (gold of course- the earrings)You could go for 80's makeup as well, but you might be locked up on charges of fashion insanity.

Next week: How the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has the answer to all your style needs
or not, depending on my mood at the time.

(Updated on Feb 5th, I ain’t never satisified!)