Monday, 11 February 2008

Sugar Coated

Everyone is telling me that trench coats are a must this season, and a must in any woman's wardrobe. Lucky for me, my old trench coat appeared the other day on a clearing out spree. I tried it on, and hey, it doesn't look that bad- save for the colour, a sort of disgusting mossy camouflage green- but something's not right.

I dunno what it is about trench caots, in theory, they should look kinda sexy and cool, like some film noir-ish detective. But they just don't. Google trench coat and this comes up:

Apart from the terrible colour of most trench coats, and the association with a variety of paedophilles, this is the very worst thing about trench coats, and should put everyone off buying one.

But I've got a feeling that I'll be wearing mine a lot this year, in fact I'm already planning outfits around it. Sun dress, cardigan, black wool tights, black plimsoles. I'm feeling really springlike already, from today I'm ditching the black dress coat in favour of a smart trench. Lovely.

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