Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Oxfam Glamour

Everyone knows that all the cool people get their clothes from charity shops, but who do you know that actually does? Aside from a few things, I have never found anything worth buying in a Charity Shops.

Once someone asked me if I liked the "vintage" stuff in Topshop. Me, not knowing them very well just mumbeld something or other whilst silently concealing my rage. And there's your problem- trendy kids do not want to wear something that used to belong to someone's grandmother, so instead they buy a nearly identical item from Topshop for four times the price.

Even I am not immune to this, I have two very similar "tea dresses" (very in this season), one being from H&M and the other from a local Oxfam. You all know which one I will be wearing to see the Futureheads on Friday. I'm afraid that unless you find something really cool, charity shop chic just doesn't work. Thank God I have a mother who keeps things for years and passes items she deems no longer cool onto me (by this time they have become kind of ironic cool)

Sorry for the lack of pictures this issue, kids. We can only hope that next weeks will be less of a disorganised rant...

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