Saturday, 1 March 2008

the NME is my Enemy

I could spend this week's (rather belated, I admit) post quoting Anti-NME Art Brut/Goblins lyrics all over your eyes, but I thought, hey, no, I'll write a blog about Amy Winehouse instead- yawn.

Yesterday morning I was cheerily informed by Metro that Ms Winehouse had been given the WORST DRESSED award from the NME, cue a few thousand terrible puns about her plans to launch her own fashion line (in actual fact a cosmetics range). Well done popular press, well done.

I'll admit that I hated her the first time round. I probably didn't even know who she was, but I probably hated her even so. But that comeback! Middle of the road radio two-ish soul singer comes back with a song about rehab and a million tabloid stories about drug addiction, collabs with Mark Ronson and we have a megastar on our hands.

But this is all about style, right? And there's no denying that Wino's been setting a fair few trends since she said "no no no" to rehab in late 06. Big Hair, heavy eyeliner, nautical chic, high waisted pencil skirts are all de rigeur at the moment. Coincidence? Largerfeld doesn't think so. I don't think so. All this press speculation simply ups her cool, especially when you're an impressionble 18 year old. Indie kids across the land need to forget Kate 'n' Pete and instead rock the Amy 'n' Blake look down club NME (As if they're not already)

I know I will be, just as soon as I hit Primark for my new "spring" wardrobe. Holla!

PS- In case you were wondering, the NME awards is a bag of shite- Nicky Wire can suck my fucking cock. And that's a Brut/Goblins quote.

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