Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Animal Crackers part two.

I was right, animal shirts are on their way in. Thank me later for bringing it to the world of fashion's attention. These are exciting times, the nest thing for you to do would be to get your ass down to pop boutique (Manchester, London, Liverpool) and grab one.
I just need to figure out how to wear mine without looking like a real geek (yes you could argue that I already am)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Back to the Future

Here is a fashion fact for you- the 1950's NEVER go out of fashion. The 60's, 70's and 80's come and go, the 90's were shit, but my gosh the 50's!

Yes. I'm this sad. I watch Grease with the sound down for fashion tips. Even after the fashion disaster that was my prom dress my heart still goes all a-flutter when I see a rockabilly skirt. Right now I suggest you get on down to Primark and get the awesome 50's style blue and white stripy sun dress. Just don't wear it anywhere near me so we don't look like tools. I don't usually condone Primark, but this dress makes a lass feel like Patricia Franchini in A Bout De Souffle.

Also, and this is the most important thing I will ever tell you- Keep your eyes open for old-skool Letterman Cardigans. I've been looking at eBay, but the shipping costs to little old Manchester are astronomical.

Next week: Something good, possibly name dropping another of my A2 Film Studies focus films. Who knows.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Don't be mocking my moccasins!

That's right boys and girls, the latest word from the sartorial world is that moccasins are hotter than Fielder-Civil's crackpipe (That's my way of linking this week and last week, more on that later).

I know it's hard to believe, but I bet by festival season (Leeds tickets out soon, omg)you'll all be wearing a lovely pair. Personally, I would go old school and wear a Native American style pair like these:

(Its a terrible picture I know, but my google skills are limited at this time of the day)

Maybe we won't go that far, but I know the brown ones are in. Why else would Yan wear them?

This picture shows exactly how they should be worn. Ribbed socks are in. He's even wearing chinos. I'm not sure about the orange t-shirt though. We'll re-think that one. But girls, I really want to see you in moccasins soon. I've taken to wearing them around the house (okay, they are technically slippers, but I'm still cool).

In other shoes news, brightly coloured shoes (for men- see photo in previous post) and old fashioned loafers (for women) are in. Apparently. Fashion, eh?

PS- Another week, another guide to fashion via British Sea Power. Have you heard the acoustic version of Open the Door? It is truly excellent. Word.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

the NME is my Enemy

I could spend this week's (rather belated, I admit) post quoting Anti-NME Art Brut/Goblins lyrics all over your eyes, but I thought, hey, no, I'll write a blog about Amy Winehouse instead- yawn.

Yesterday morning I was cheerily informed by Metro that Ms Winehouse had been given the WORST DRESSED award from the NME, cue a few thousand terrible puns about her plans to launch her own fashion line (in actual fact a cosmetics range). Well done popular press, well done.

I'll admit that I hated her the first time round. I probably didn't even know who she was, but I probably hated her even so. But that comeback! Middle of the road radio two-ish soul singer comes back with a song about rehab and a million tabloid stories about drug addiction, collabs with Mark Ronson and we have a megastar on our hands.

But this is all about style, right? And there's no denying that Wino's been setting a fair few trends since she said "no no no" to rehab in late 06. Big Hair, heavy eyeliner, nautical chic, high waisted pencil skirts are all de rigeur at the moment. Coincidence? Largerfeld doesn't think so. I don't think so. All this press speculation simply ups her cool, especially when you're an impressionble 18 year old. Indie kids across the land need to forget Kate 'n' Pete and instead rock the Amy 'n' Blake look down club NME (As if they're not already)

I know I will be, just as soon as I hit Primark for my new "spring" wardrobe. Holla!

PS- In case you were wondering, the NME awards is a bag of shite- Nicky Wire can suck my fucking cock. And that's a Brut/Goblins quote.