Friday, 25 July 2008

Goodbye, irony

Yes, it's official, irony. Blame nu-rave, or whatever. From now on (because I say) it's about to get very serious.

Here is my list of everything you should be thinking about wearing come september (fuck summer):
Summer dresses with thick tights and cardigans, "sensible" shoes, pointed toe heels, baggy cardigans, navy, oversized "serious band" t-shirts (in white), pencil skirts, blazers (yes, still, it's back to schol for crying out loud!).

And we should all be carrying notebooks and leather satchels and pretending our surname is Poulian. Twee is totally acceptable, just be serious about it.

So I guess this is it

I haven't worked out what we're supposed to wear for going out though. Or what boys are supposed to wear, although I'm thinking silver shirts might be really rad.

See you hopefully next week, loyal fans (and I know you are loyal because you are still reading this after my month's abscence..)