Friday, 25 July 2008

Goodbye, irony

Yes, it's official, irony. Blame nu-rave, or whatever. From now on (because I say) it's about to get very serious.

Here is my list of everything you should be thinking about wearing come september (fuck summer):
Summer dresses with thick tights and cardigans, "sensible" shoes, pointed toe heels, baggy cardigans, navy, oversized "serious band" t-shirts (in white), pencil skirts, blazers (yes, still, it's back to schol for crying out loud!).

And we should all be carrying notebooks and leather satchels and pretending our surname is Poulian. Twee is totally acceptable, just be serious about it.

So I guess this is it

I haven't worked out what we're supposed to wear for going out though. Or what boys are supposed to wear, although I'm thinking silver shirts might be really rad.

See you hopefully next week, loyal fans (and I know you are loyal because you are still reading this after my month's abscence..)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Trail blazing

Its been a month. And what a month. Jesus. A whole month of daytime TV and gaining weight, but enough about me, back to the fashion then.

I've known since, like, forever that blazers are cool. When they introduced them for school uniform I knew I wanted one. Maybe it was the Jarvis Cocker effect. This season, and next probably, they're looking to be as big as the Libertines made military jackets.

Mmm, look at those, they set my pulse rate racing! This fitted style is going to be the more acceptable style of blazer, probably already all over the hight street. Stripy is probably the best choice. Bonus cool points for a yellow and navy combo (SO on trend you might implode)

For ultimate cool points though, the massinsh blazer...

Or the full blown "I'm from the 80's and I own a speedboat" look.

Wasn't at all sure about 21, but this video totally convinced me. I am not shallow, at all!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Socks appeal

And apparently they do, during the researching of this article I came across several rather unsavory sites. But I shan't go into that, what men get up to in their spare time is none of my business (although really, socks with heels=sexy? is this really the 80's?)

Yes. They're back. Minus the lacey trim illustrated here. And those black shoes.... But forget the photo, a quick search of blogs tells me that socks with heels are back, back, back. So, y'know, go get yerself some yeah?

I tried this look out the other night (in the privacy of my bedroom) and it looked terrible with my black and white checked socks (my ska socks, as I have nicknamed them). Maybe I just need to find the right sock. I noticed that Erin O'Connor rocks the socks and sandals look in the new M&S advert with some stripey ones. I don't know if I dare risk going into Marks and Spencer's to look though (actually that's a lie, they do really great tights, I go in there a lot). You definately need some nice socks. Not ones that have dirty marks on the bottom from skidding around on the laminate flooring.

Coloured heels would look great with socks, I know because I saw it on a mannequin in Topshop. I am also of the belief that they look great with indie pumps (you know, those pumps that EVERY indie kid wears, yeah even me). I know this because I have rocked yellow pumps with grey socks. Shame I left my horn-rimmed glasses at home.

Word to the nerd.

Coming soon: My thoughts on festival fashion. Possibly the most important blog you will read this summer.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer of Love

Let's get this straight. I hate hippies. I hate prog rock (most of it) I hate folk music. I hated Easy Rider. Drugs are bad. I think you see my point.

But since fashion seems to think flares are coming back, and since uber-hippy Devendra Banhart is dating Natalie Portman, I thought I should spout some nonsense about dressing like a really bad trip (I hear that's what they call it when they take drugs)

The main key to looking psycadelic cool this summer, is colour, lots of it. We're trying to avoid looking like Neil from the Young Ones here. In fact I think this look isn't far removed from the Klaxons look last year(oh dear...) with beards, and fewer plastic jackets.

It pains me to say this but flares might just be acceptable. Of course it all depends on the footwear. Old school chucks anyone? I think so. If you can't pull of the flares, don't sweat, stick a tye-dye shirt on with your skinny jeans and away you go...

This guy looks like a hippy, but not like a smelly loser who worships standing stones. Which brings me to my main point about this, which is "DO NOT BECOME A HIPPY".
Stay away from incense, standing stones, protests, glastonbury, VW campers, dirt encrusted boots... I think you catch my drift.

Remember fashion is pretty much all about looking like a current indie scene groupie. So I advise you start groupie-ing MGMT.

Dress like that. Do it. DO IT.

I think you might also like to consider making yourself some leaf crowns. Especially for the festival season. British Sea Power say its cool. You're allowed to.

Next week- part two of my guide to summer (unless it rains and I get depressed)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

the Long and Short of it.

Until quite recently shorts were the preserve of the boy scouts and American tourists with bum bags (or fanny packs). But one day, they're suddenly sexy again! Open your eyes and look across the dancefloor, I'll wager that there are at least three girls wearing some kind of short... "Shorts! Sexier than skirts!" the world seems to be screaming.

Of course, I blame Kate Moss. But let's back up a little bit. Maybe I'm just biased because I have terrible legs, but I can't be the only one...

Anyway, my point here is to raise a very serious question, which is "What is the acceptable length for a trouser leg?" This of course depends on the type of trouser, and I'm feeling lazy so I'll just go right ahead and say that you should ALL be turning up your jeans. Yes, even you. You have to wear nice socks though. Or, no socks as is the current trend (don't forget your moccasins).

In the coming summer months I predict that rolling ones jeans up to the knee will become the height of fashion, inspired by those lovely boys over at camp Sea Power. Yes, do it, do it now!

There we have it, another lazy (and late) post telling you all to dress like British Sea Power. They've just been announced for Leeds and Reading, so next week maybe, an early guide to festival fashion.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Shirt the bed!

T-shirts. Are they the greatest thing ever? Yes, I belive they are.

Since we've already discussed at length my love of the animal t-shirt, I think we should this week discuss the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of t-shirt wear.

First and foremost, the biggest don't is SLOGAN T-SHIRTS. You know the ones that say something really "funny", or a line from a song etc etc. Yeah, the ones that everyone was wearing a year ago. Don't, please don't, they were cool for about five minutes, last year, I am offended by anyone who still wears one. (Although I do still love "GET YER FREAK ON GILES DEACON")

Another don't, although there's a do in here somewhere... Band t-shirts. "Woah", I hear you cry, "Woah there Lois, I've seen you around, sporting a British Sea Power tour t-shirt!". Yeah, let me finish. You know that band t-shirt you bought from H&M? Yeah that Ramones/Stones one? DON'T. A lot of people I've seen wearing these high-street band shirts don't even like, or KNOW of the bands. By all means wear t-shirts of bands you adore (props for wearing ones with fuck-awesome designs too- band logos are a bit passée)

This don't brings me onto another don't, which is pre-faded patterns. This is my biggest don't, just no. Please, no no no no no. Silly faded logos and (my particular hate) "retro" cartoon characters are all over the shops and they make me weep. For everyone's sake, I am saying, right here, boycott them, for the good of my eyes. I mean for the good of mankind.

Ok, we've had enough negatives for one week, let me tell you some massive DO's, in the form of words and phrases followed by an excited exclamation mark...
Baggy t-shirts on girls! YES, WEAR THEM LIKE A DRESS PLEASE! Obscure bands! Animals! Ironic hair metal bands! (I could go on all night, but I think you are getting the picture, I am the Nathan Barley of t-shirts)

For reference, pretty much anything on here is cool
If in doubt, ask Lois. Belive.

Next week, turn ups. I hope

Thursday, 10 April 2008

An Apology

I feel I have let you all down. I've been really busy, okay, I haven't, there is no excuse, but I seem to have been out of inspiration lately, but fear not for I am back!

The topic of today's excitement is that of the formal dress. Yes, that one. For a very important purpose I needed a formal dress. Lets just say it's not "prom-posh" but not "smart-caz". This seemed like a simple enough task until I thought about it rationally- What do I actually want? I had no idea what "look" I was going for.

Believe me, searching for a dress that's somewhere in between a character from Grease and an extra from the "Blitz Club" scene in Ashes to Ashes (check me out), yet still formal enough for the event in question.

In the end I went for a nice floral number from Warehouse. It hits both the "50s" and the "Twee Indie" boxes as well as the "Current trend for floral" box. So, I win.

Next week: Something Interesting