Thursday, 8 May 2008

Summer of Love

Let's get this straight. I hate hippies. I hate prog rock (most of it) I hate folk music. I hated Easy Rider. Drugs are bad. I think you see my point.

But since fashion seems to think flares are coming back, and since uber-hippy Devendra Banhart is dating Natalie Portman, I thought I should spout some nonsense about dressing like a really bad trip (I hear that's what they call it when they take drugs)

The main key to looking psycadelic cool this summer, is colour, lots of it. We're trying to avoid looking like Neil from the Young Ones here. In fact I think this look isn't far removed from the Klaxons look last year(oh dear...) with beards, and fewer plastic jackets.

It pains me to say this but flares might just be acceptable. Of course it all depends on the footwear. Old school chucks anyone? I think so. If you can't pull of the flares, don't sweat, stick a tye-dye shirt on with your skinny jeans and away you go...

This guy looks like a hippy, but not like a smelly loser who worships standing stones. Which brings me to my main point about this, which is "DO NOT BECOME A HIPPY".
Stay away from incense, standing stones, protests, glastonbury, VW campers, dirt encrusted boots... I think you catch my drift.

Remember fashion is pretty much all about looking like a current indie scene groupie. So I advise you start groupie-ing MGMT.

Dress like that. Do it. DO IT.

I think you might also like to consider making yourself some leaf crowns. Especially for the festival season. British Sea Power say its cool. You're allowed to.

Next week- part two of my guide to summer (unless it rains and I get depressed)

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