Sunday, 27 April 2008

the Long and Short of it.

Until quite recently shorts were the preserve of the boy scouts and American tourists with bum bags (or fanny packs). But one day, they're suddenly sexy again! Open your eyes and look across the dancefloor, I'll wager that there are at least three girls wearing some kind of short... "Shorts! Sexier than skirts!" the world seems to be screaming.

Of course, I blame Kate Moss. But let's back up a little bit. Maybe I'm just biased because I have terrible legs, but I can't be the only one...

Anyway, my point here is to raise a very serious question, which is "What is the acceptable length for a trouser leg?" This of course depends on the type of trouser, and I'm feeling lazy so I'll just go right ahead and say that you should ALL be turning up your jeans. Yes, even you. You have to wear nice socks though. Or, no socks as is the current trend (don't forget your moccasins).

In the coming summer months I predict that rolling ones jeans up to the knee will become the height of fashion, inspired by those lovely boys over at camp Sea Power. Yes, do it, do it now!

There we have it, another lazy (and late) post telling you all to dress like British Sea Power. They've just been announced for Leeds and Reading, so next week maybe, an early guide to festival fashion.

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waggie wagg said...

This is the greatest blog I've read in months!