Thursday, 10 April 2008

An Apology

I feel I have let you all down. I've been really busy, okay, I haven't, there is no excuse, but I seem to have been out of inspiration lately, but fear not for I am back!

The topic of today's excitement is that of the formal dress. Yes, that one. For a very important purpose I needed a formal dress. Lets just say it's not "prom-posh" but not "smart-caz". This seemed like a simple enough task until I thought about it rationally- What do I actually want? I had no idea what "look" I was going for.

Believe me, searching for a dress that's somewhere in between a character from Grease and an extra from the "Blitz Club" scene in Ashes to Ashes (check me out), yet still formal enough for the event in question.

In the end I went for a nice floral number from Warehouse. It hits both the "50s" and the "Twee Indie" boxes as well as the "Current trend for floral" box. So, I win.

Next week: Something Interesting

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