Thursday, 22 May 2008

Socks appeal

And apparently they do, during the researching of this article I came across several rather unsavory sites. But I shan't go into that, what men get up to in their spare time is none of my business (although really, socks with heels=sexy? is this really the 80's?)

Yes. They're back. Minus the lacey trim illustrated here. And those black shoes.... But forget the photo, a quick search of blogs tells me that socks with heels are back, back, back. So, y'know, go get yerself some yeah?

I tried this look out the other night (in the privacy of my bedroom) and it looked terrible with my black and white checked socks (my ska socks, as I have nicknamed them). Maybe I just need to find the right sock. I noticed that Erin O'Connor rocks the socks and sandals look in the new M&S advert with some stripey ones. I don't know if I dare risk going into Marks and Spencer's to look though (actually that's a lie, they do really great tights, I go in there a lot). You definately need some nice socks. Not ones that have dirty marks on the bottom from skidding around on the laminate flooring.

Coloured heels would look great with socks, I know because I saw it on a mannequin in Topshop. I am also of the belief that they look great with indie pumps (you know, those pumps that EVERY indie kid wears, yeah even me). I know this because I have rocked yellow pumps with grey socks. Shame I left my horn-rimmed glasses at home.

Word to the nerd.

Coming soon: My thoughts on festival fashion. Possibly the most important blog you will read this summer.

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