Thursday, 10 January 2008

Word's getting round

About this blog, apparently...Or maybe I'm just imagining things. Nice.

Anyway, onto more fashion disasters. Without offending anyone this time. Actually I have some praise to award today, so read on, dear reader.

Last night was spent in various locations around Manchester, in particular a certain well known northern quarter bar, once frequented by members of a certain Manchester electronic outfit (CAN I BE MORE OBVIOUS?). Obviously, this was a Wednesday night, so there was not much going down, but I expected a little more sartorialism from my fellow mancs. No, there were two guys in beige t-shirts and jeans. Great, once again I feel incredibly overdressed, and apparently look like Bette Lynch. (Get your Corrie skillz on!)Common wasn't much better either, although I was probably expecting too much from a bar with student art on the walls...
Onto my "most fashionable couple of the night award", which goes hands down to the DJs in Dry Bar (there, I said it!) who both looked far too young to be in thre, but I'm only just legal so let's move on. Y'all know I love Devo so these guys get brownie points anyway, but they both totally rocked the whole "Topman mannequin" look. Here's to decent DJ's. Mine's a rum and coke.

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