Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Kate Nash, no no no.

Once someone told me I look like the girl from the video to Caroline is a Victim by Kate Nash. At the time, I thought this made me cool and slightly ironic. Not any more. There is nothing good about this woman...girl, she personifies everything indie girls shouldn't be (speaking of course as someone who personifies everything an indie girl should be)... As you can see she does my head in. Let's have a look at one of her videos:
Wasn't that lovely? Personally I couldn't sit through it. Apart from the fact that I hate her voice and her silly songs, and since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, let's talk about her fashion directions, eh?

She's obviously a massive influence on current teen fashion, with topshop slavishly copying all her "twee little girl" outfits. And that's what annoying. Looking at that video, and the video to Foundations and Caroline... they all have the same "oh, aren't I streetwise and cool, but also at the same tooth-achingly sugarplum twee" attitude, which rather grates after a while. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of twee, but something tells me that Nash's 80's frocks are worn without a trace of irony, and everyone knows that 80' frocks without dark blusher stripes and a bubble perm are unacceptable.

So in conclusion, ladies (I promise I'll write about men's clothes more soon), next time you walk into topshop, step away from that multi-coloured party dress. In fact go for the black, yeah that one. And whatever you do don't get a blunt fringe.

perhaps I'm just a bit pissed cos I just found out my beloved Black Kids are supporting her in March, which means they'll be massive by May. Shit.

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