Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Round we go

Apologies for my absence lately but for one reason or another I just haven't got round to posting here for a bit.

Anyway onto the interesting stuff, thanks to my favourite z-list blogger and former Les Incompetent Fred Blood-Royale, I have a feeling David Hockney glasses will be big this year, replacing the Buddy Holly Morrissey ones everyone (including me) and their dog is wearing right now.

Once again thanks to my good friends for letting me mine images from their site. Makes my life a hell of a lot easier.
Also fyi both Topshop and Topman seem to be selling versions of these so it's kinda simple really.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

blowing in the wind

If there's one person I hate, it's Bob Dylan. Contraversial viewpoint, perhaps, but I just can't stand the fellow. The internet is unanimous though, looking like Bob Dylan is cool. I guess for once I'm behind on a trend. Oh well.

Like I've said before, Tortoiseshell Ray Bans are really cool. Although I do love the gold ones I saw in Urban Outfitters Leeds which aren't anywhere on the internet.

And don't think looking like Bob Dylan is just for guys! Cate Blanchett did it and we all know how cool she is.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Check This

Following on from my last post on tartan, and since it's March (and I am well aware that I didn't keep MLATIL up in Feb), here's a post on the jacket we should all be wearing this year (cos I've seen it in an advert for Skins and Minder)

Awaydays is coming out soon, so you better start pretending you're in a firm and wearing one of these badboys. The real thing's £120 but there's plenty of knock-offs hanging around that are probably cooler anyway.